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Elizabeth Colón
Chair, Norwegian American Hospital Foundation
José R. Sánchez
President and CEO, Norwegian
American Hospital

2019 Power of Community Video

Learn about how your generous support helps Norwegian American Hospital best serve all patients and residents of the Humboldt Park community.

Please watch to see how your gifts continue to make a difference.

November 2017 - Norwegian Doctors and Nurses Volunteer in Aftermath  Hurricane Maria

More than two full months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, many parts of the island remain without reliable electricity, clean water, fuel, or food.

In November, thanks to our generous donors and colleagues, Norwegian American Hospital (NAH) sent two teams of doctors and nurses – along with twelve suitcases-full of medicine and medical supplies — to Puerto Rico to supplement the ongoing need for medical attention on the island.

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Ever since I came to Norwegian American Hospital in October 2010, we have worked to build and sustain our relationships with the communities we serve. This is why our theme remains
The Power of Community.”

The Norwegian American Hospital Foundation, with the support of many donors and grantors, has brought us the phenomenally successful Care-A-Van, which has traveled to hundreds of schools, day cares, and organizations in the community, providing free health services to thousands of children and young people in communities where access to healthcare is challenging.

Now, while continuing to support mobile health, our focus is widening to diabetes, which is an epidemic in our communities. Although 40% of the people admitted to our hospital have diabetes and half of adults in our primary service area are at high risk of getting this disease, we lack a sufficient safety net of outreach, education and clinical care to prevent and treat diabetes.

In diabetes, early intervention is critical. Help us dramatically improve our ability to intervene by sponsoring and/or attending our annual Power of Community Benefit, or donating to our Foundation.

Thank you,
José R. Sánchez

President & CEO
Norwegian American Hospital